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Obsessed Marjorie Taylor Greene attacks AOC in incoherent, jumbled tweet

Obsessed Marjorie Taylor Greene attacks AOC in incoherent, jumbled tweet

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With no congressional committee assignments to her name due to her harassment of her political opponents and ideological enemies, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) can now spend all of her efforts on grabbing the media spotlight full-time to burnish her deplorable credentials and promulgate her hateful and selfish ideology.

Part of her strategy appears to be to engage in a perpetual Twitter feud with her polar opposite, the progressive firebrand that is Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Greene set off another round in the back-and-forth social media sniping this morning with a tweet accusing the Bronx-born lawmaker of being responsible for American dependency on China because of her sponsorship of the legislation marketed under the umbrella of the “Green New Deal.”

The first thing to remember about anything that Congresswoman Greene says or posts on social media is that her relationship to the truth is as distant as Antarctica is from Alaska.

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Reading her tweet, one might be deluded into thinking that the Green New Deal legislation had been passed by Congress and was now the law of the land, governing every action that the federal government takes through the lens of the apocalyptic climate emergency that reveals itself even more damagingly every day through droughts, floods, temperature extremes, and encroaching sea levels.

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If only!

While the Green New Deal package of environmental legislation was approved by the House of Representatives, it faced an ignominious death in the Senate where the Republican minority still holds the power to block the passage of most legislation through the antiquated power of the filibuster.

Greene can bleat all she wants about how responsible environmental stewardship somehow places the U.S. at the mercy of China’s monopolistic attempts to corner the market for the necessary rare earth raw materials to build the batteries needed to transform America’s petroleum-powered fleet of vehicles into an array of electric cars and trucks with a reduced carbon footprint.

It doesn’t make her claims true, however.

Rather than proactively taking steps to introduce legislation that addresses her concerns about Chinese dominance in the market for the scarce rare earth materials, Rep. Greene simply points fingers at her ideological opponents and casts unwarranted blame like a powerless victim rather than an entitled member of the nation’s legislative corps.

For her part, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez has thus far decided to stay above the fray, declining to respond to this latest provocation from her Georgian colleague.

AOC’s many defenders on Twitter, however, rose to her defense and lambasted Greene for her ridiculous post.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene is like a burr stuck between your shoes and your socks, annoying at first, but, if left to continue its irritations, likely to cause an infection and potentially dangerous consequences.

We must remove the burr.

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