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“What is f*cking wrong with these people?” New book offers glimpse into Trump’s end of days outbursts

“What is f*cking wrong with these people?” New book offers glimpse into Trump’s end of days outbursts

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The third book in journalist Michael Wolff’s popular exposé series on the Trump White House will be released later this month. Entitled Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency, it explores the days between Trump loses the 2020 election and Joe Biden assuming the presidency. Excerpts have been dribbling out, including some shocking conversations that occurred within the administration as well as an account of the disparaging manner in which then-President Trump spoke about his own supporters.

Business Insider has now reported on the latest juicy tidbit from the forthcoming book. According to Michael Wolff, Trump had a profanity-laden meltdown after his impeachment lawyers filed a legal document that was riddled with typos — errors that were roundly mocked at the time.

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“What is f*cking wrong with these people? They can’t hit spell-check?” Trump thundered to his staff. “Are these lawyers the stupidest? Are they the stupidest?” he asked.

Trump’s lead impeachment lawyer, Bruce Castor, at one point tried to defend the mistakes.

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“Spell-check, Mr. President, doesn’t pick up italicized words,” Castor told Trump.

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“What? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,” Trump yelled. “Fix it! Get it back! Fix it! NOW!” screamed Trump.

The irony here could not be more apparent. Before he was banned from Twitter for his role in inciting the January 6th insurrection, Donald Trump was infamous for blasting out tweets mangled with spelling and grammar errors, including the now-legendary “covfefe” tweet. His inability to write properly is presumably rooted in his avowed aversion to reading in all its forms, but apparently the licentiousness he grants himself when it comes to spelling does not extend to his lawyers.

Clearly, Donald Trump has a longstanding problem when it comes to attracting competent help. For years he has surrounded himself with sycophants and crooks, one need only turn on a conservative news network and take a look at the cretins he wheels out as mouthpieces to see that.

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