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A sweaty Don Jr. crashes and burns in incredibly cringey CPAC speech

A sweaty Don Jr. crashes and burns in incredibly cringey CPAC speech

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Ever since last election cycle, rumors have abounded about Don Jr.’s unnaturally high levels of energy and excitement, his occasional bouts of incoherency and his constant collapses into utter cringe. Many people have wondered if he’s developed a little bit of a drug habit to deal with the emotional trauma of having a father that doesn’t love you and the inherent alienation from others that stems from a life fueled by outrageous amounts of wealth.

His latest performance at Conservative Political Action Committee: Texas Edition has only inflamed that. In one clip from his “speech,” Don Jr. brags — his voice dripping with desperate, forced enthusiasm — that “Texas has always led the charge…well, till about like a couple of months ago, Austin took over, I don’t know guys, Texas was leading the ch — you’re still top 25! We gotta work on that stuff, those people have lost their minds!”

An intensely awkward silence follows before Don Jr. weakly asks “…right?”

It would appear that Don Jr. was complaining about the liberals of Austin, Texas “taking over” the rest of the state, but any impact his “joke” tried to make was overwhelmed by the tension, the panic, the desperation in his voice.

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This next clip, however, shows that something is clearly wrong with that boy. Is he crying? Is he laughing? Is he having a drug-induced existential crisis wherein he realizes that all this insane stuff he forces himself to do will never win him his father’s approval or his love and perhaps he should devote his energies to bettering himself instead?

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Or is Don Jr. downward spiraling out of resentment towards Hunter Biden, as this next clip would indicate?

It makes perfect sense. Hunter Biden is his replacement as First Son; Hunter is infamous for smoking crack and canoodling with sex workers, getting dragged into imaginary right-wing scandals and causing his Presidential father political headaches — but Joe Biden still loves and always has loved his son anyway. This must be devastating to Don Jr., who has spent his entire life trying to earn his father’s love and approval, debasing himself over and over at these rabble-rousing circuses on Donald Sr.’s behalf and all he gets in return is all anyone ever gets from serving Trump: contempt, scorn, and disgust.

In any case, this is absolutely insane projection from Don Jr., who has always been a total piece of garbage in every aspect of his life for all his years, just because his father is too.

Social media was astonished at his performance:

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