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Final humiliation: Trump trashed Bill Barr as floor-licking phony as his presidency crumbled

Final humiliation: Trump trashed Bill Barr as floor-licking phony as his presidency crumbled

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Journalist Michael Wolff’s new book on the final days of the Trump White House entitled Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency releases later this month and a steady stream of excerpts have been dribbling out. We now know how administration insiders reacted as the January 6th insurrection was unfolding, we know the offensive remarks Trump made about his own supporters, and we know that he threw a profanity-laden tantrum when his attorneys submitted impeachment documents riddled with typos.

The Daily Beast has acquired an advance copy of Landslide and reports that Trump also had some incredibly harsh words for his Attorney General Bill Barr. After attempting in vain to coerce U.S. Attorneys in battleground states to launch probes into his manufactured claims of mass election fraud, then-President Trump blamed Barr and insulted him.

Trump said “if I had won, Barr would have licked the floor if I asked him to. What a phony!'”

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While obviously displaying a complete lack of respect for the man he put in charge of the Justice Department, the remarks aren’t too far off the mark. Barr willingly served Trump, doing his bidding up until after he lost the election.

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Bill Barr deserves the very bare minimum of credit for refusing to lend full-throated support to Trump’s election lies but it doesn’t excuse his decision to go work for the worst president in American history in the first place. He knew what kind of man he was choosing to serve, he just didn’t care because he wanted the power the DOJ afforded him. If Trump had won the election he likely would have remained a loyal lapdog.

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Trump’s resentment towards his former Attorney General has rolled into his post-presidency, evolving into a full-blown feud. Barr, in turn, has referred to Trump’s election claims as “bullshit,” an apt description that will in no way help his page in the history books. He will always be the man that carried out the bidding of the man who worked from day one of his presidency to undermine our democracy.

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