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Everything that you need to know about Donald Trump’s CPAC speech today

Everything that you need to know about Donald Trump’s CPAC speech today

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The folks attending the current Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Texas idolize Donald Trump as if he wasn’t a huge loser whose mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic response has led to 0ver 606,000 American deaths, among his many other failures.

So no one in the crowd raised an eyebrow when Matt Schlapp, the chairman of the American Conservative Union, the organizers of CPAC, introduced today’s featured speaker as “President Donald J. Trump,” with no “former,” “ex,” or “previous” appended to his introduction.

Given that the CPAC audience has almost universally internalized Trump’s lies about his 2020 loss being due to a stolen election,     it’s unsurprising that his speech began with an exchange that signaled the magnitude of the mass delusions his malevolent propaganda has inspired.

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Trump quickly went on the attack against the man who defeated him decisively, at least outside of the fantasy world that the former president has constructed for himself to protect his fragile ego.

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If the CPAC attendees were looking for a sustaining dose of inspiration from their idol, Trump did not disappoint those looking for a version of his greatest grievance hits. He began with an old reliable topic close to his heart: caravans coming to the southern border.

Four million deaths worldwide from the pandemic, and Trump thinks the southern border is the greatest disaster in world history? It’s the kind of statement that could only be uttered by someone whose own presidency could be spoken of in the same terms.

It seems, however, that what Trump really believes was the biggest disaster ever was the conduct of the 2020 election since he proceeded to launch into a fact-free assault on just about everything he could think of that may have been responsible for his loss, a loss that he still refuses to acknowledge.

All Trump is doing with his lies is reinforcing what his followers already believe due to the months of endless repetition of his deliberate misinformation and invented scenarios. The only new ground that Trump is breaking is the enormity of his newly invented excuses and blame.

Trump next gave a shout-out to Dr. Ronny Jackson, his former White House physician with a reputation for drunkenness and an easy hand with feel-good pills who is now a Texas GOP congressman. He gave a nostalgic nod to the good old days when Dr. Jackson administered the famous “person, woman, man, camera, TV” assessment of Trump’s mental competence, and he passed with flying colors.

The notorious grudge-holder took the opportunity to attack any GOP politician he considers insufficiently supportive to wield the threat of withholding his endorsement in order to maintain an iron grip on those he calls RINOs (Republicans In Name Only).

The irony of Trump attacking his Democratic opponents by accusing them of lying was lost on the CPAC audience, but the former president did manage to say at least one thing that was true.

If the crowd recognized that they had heard all of this before, they were still happy to repeat the pleasurable chants that they had screamed so many other times.

The offhand manner in which Trump spews out lie after lie demonstrates an astonishing ability to ignore reality in favor of his own manufactured version of history. Perhaps he missed his calling as a writer of conspiracy theory fiction, if only had he paid more attention in English class when he was still in school.

But, after a bit of macho posturing towards any fellow Republican who might have the audacity to challenge him for the 2024 GOP nomination, Trump essentially admitted his uncomfortable transactional relationship with the truth.

One almost —with a heavy emphasis on the almost — has to admire the audacity of anyone who dares to continue his quixotic campaign against wind-generated energy in a state that suffered through two major power grid failures like Texas has, from both an extraordinary cold spell and an unprecedented heat wave likely caused by fossil fuel-induced climate change.

Trump signals that he will do his best to destroy American democracy with his continued assault on the legitimacy of the 2020 election and his constant attempts to undermine our citizen’s faith in the integrity of elctions that have been proven time and again to have suffered from only a minuscule amount of actual voter fraud, primarily by Trump supporters who voted on behalf of dead relatives.

As expected, Trump’s CPAC speech was a travesty of reality.

The largest cognitive dissonance it produced in those watching who weren’t among the MAGA zombies is why this man was on the stage of a conference in Texas instead of behind bars being held accountable for his many crimes.

Hopefully, by the time of the next CPAC event, Trump will be locked up as solidly as he and his followers still scream for Hillary Clinton to be treated. Luckily, we doubt that prison officals will allow him to livestream to the conference from his cell.

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Original reporting by Aaron Rupar at Vox.

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