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Ocasio-Cortez demolishes Lauren Boebert for using her grandma as a cheap shot

Ocasio-Cortez demolishes Lauren Boebert for using her grandma as a cheap shot

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In a party full of lunatics and conspiracy theorists, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has managed to distinguish herself as a particularly pernicious force in a very short amount of time. The gun-toting Boebert is a hardcore MAGA supporter and has flirted with QAnon misinformation in the past. In short, she’s a perfect crystallization of everything that’s gone wrong within the Republican Party.

Over the weekend, Boebert appeared at the Texas Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and railed against government benefits in the way that only a person insulated by wealth and privilege can.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), the polar opposite of Boebert in just about every way, shared the benefits clip and translated the message to show what the Republican Congresswoman was really saying: the GOP wants to strip unemployment protections, dismantle the public safety net, and make working people work for low wages while Wall Street gets a “meal ticket.”

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Her analysis was spot on.

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Boebert saw AOC’s tweet and blasted back, calling her “Sandy” and urging her to ask her “Abuela” how her “government reliance” is treating her. The jab was a reference to a trip AOC took to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico over a month ago to visit her sick grandmother.

Boebert incorrectly stated that Republicans aren’t going to take away the safety net — a claim no person with even a casual familiarity with American politics would believe given the fact that dismantling the safety net is one of the foundational pillars of the modern GOP.

“Growing up in a Democrat household, I stood in line for bread and government cheese,” claimed Boebert. “I want more for your grandma, just as I did for me.”

Obviously, cutting an elderly woman’s benefits would in no way provide her with “more,” Boebert is just deploying the same exhausted bootstraps rhetoric that conservatives wheel out constantly to smear anyone who wasn’t born into privilege and comfort as lazy.

It should go without saying as well, but dragging Ocasio-Cortez’s grandmother into the conversation is entirely classless and as such in keeping with Boebert’s noxious brand.

Never one to back down from a fight, AOC hit back hard and thanked Boebert for “proving to the world that today’s version of ‘conservative role model’ is a person who mocks other people’s ill grandparents on the internet.” It was a blunt retort and a fair summary of Boebert’s tweet as well as an accurate breakdown of what conservative voters are drawn to in the year 2021. A party that elevated a crude, ignorant, pugnacious sexual predator to the White House is a party that revels in bullying and cruelty.

AOC ended her tweet by promising to treat Boebert’s family better than Boebert treats hers and to fight for her constituents harder as well. As is often the case with goons like Bobert, the best approach is to kill them with kindness.

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