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Eric Trump’s election night meltdown revealed, he couldn’t understand where votes were “coming from”

Eric Trump’s election night meltdown revealed, he couldn’t understand where votes were “coming from”

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Being born a child of Donald Trump means you’ll never experience the warmth and love that every human being deserves from their father, but it also means you’ll never have to work an honest day of work in your life. It means a life of insulated privilege, ill-gotten wealth, and a deluge of nepotism.

When he slithered into the White House in 2016, the Trump family patriarch brought all his progeny along in some way or another and they all saw a massive leap in their ability to peddle influence for a profit. It’s hardly surprising then that some of them took the news of his looming defeat on election night 2016 hard.

Excerpts from the upcoming book “I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year” Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker of The Washington Post reveal that Eric Trump in particular had a difficult time grappling with his father’s embarrassing defeat as an incumbent president.

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After Fox News called Arizona for Biden (at the behest of Rupert Murdoch) Eric began verbally abusing staff and scapegoating them for the loss. Just like his father, he clearly has a kneejerk reaction to blame everything on others.

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”We pay you to do this. How can this be happening?” he asked the campaign’s data analysts.

The night before, Eric had made the delusional and frankly embarrassing prediction that then-President Trump would win reelection with an impressive 322 electoral college votes. He ended up securing 232 with Biden netting 306 as a historic number of Americans showed up at the ballot boxes en masse to expel the worst president in our history from the White House.

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“The election is being stolen. Where are these votes coming from? How is this legit?” asked Eric Trump as the night crumbled for his family.

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The answer, of course, is that the election results were indeed legit. The majority of this country hates Donald Trump and by extension his cruel, ignorant children. We’re fortunate to have gotten rid of Donald Trump but knowing that Biden’s victory caused his family distress is just icing on the cake.

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