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Trump personally attacks President Biden over his “joke” trip to Philadelphia

Trump personally attacks President Biden over his “joke” trip to Philadelphia

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The biggest story in American politics right now, at least in terms of possible long-term damage to our democracy, is the nationwide campaign by the Republican Party to pass repressive voting restrictions and shrink the franchise. They realize that their plutocratic, bigoted platform is appealing to a smaller and smaller pool of voters but rather than reworking their idealogy to draw in new supporters they’ve decided to simply stamp down on voting itself.

Meanwhile, Democrats under the guidance of President Biden are working hard to pass sweeping voting rights legislation that would make it easier for eligible Americans to vote, demonstrating in the process that only one of our two major political parties still believes in the idea of democracy itself. In connection with these admirable efforts, Biden is traveling to Philadelphia today to deliver a speech on the importance of voting rights and to condemn the false claims that the 2020 election was rigged.

Clearly jealous of the positive media attention President Biden is receiving ahead of his speech, disgraced former President Trump—the mastermind of the absurd claim that the election was stolen—released a statement on Biden’s trip.

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Trump claims that Biden is in a “rush” to visit Pennsylvania to stop the “Forensic Audit” of the vote going on. He falsely and without evidence alleges that Philadelphia was a “cesspool of corruption,” continuing his trend of accusing cities with large Black populations of being untrustworthy. The reality is that Biden has nothing to worry about with the audit since there was no mass voter fraud and every other audit that Trump has championed thus far has ended up changing nothing about the 2020 results.

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The rambling statement goes on to repeat lies about the election, accusing other major cities of rigging the vote, and regurgitating the same debunked claims about poll workers being illegally thrown out of rooms, vague insinuations about “ballot drops,” as well as “all of the other events that took place that changed so rapidly the Big Trump Win on election night.” The man has plainly run out of ideas and has been reduced to serving up the same reheated leftover misinformation.

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Trump winds down the statement by saying that Biden should encourage the audits and that his visit is a “joke.” He says that there’s a chance the audits could reveal the election was “on the up and up” but that if that turns out to be the case “many people would be shocked.” Of course, the only people who would be “shocked” by such a result are the brainwashed MAGA supporters who have swallowed every lie Trump has served up since the election.

The entire statement is a gumbo of mendacity, delusion, and reeks of a desperate need for attention.

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