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Don Jr. raked over the coals for implying God destroyed a George Floyd mural with lightning

Don Jr. raked over the coals for implying God destroyed a George Floyd mural with lightning

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Of all the detestable traits possessed by Donald Trump and his vile progeny the most potent, defining one is almost certainly their unquenchable desire to enact cruelty. As president, Trump repeatedly demonstrated this characteristic, perhaps best encapsulated by his decision to separate migrant children from their parents along the Mexican border. His heirs, always eager to emulate and please their father, have cultivated a similar penchant for evil.

Donald Trump Jr., a man with a howling void where a soul should be, hopped on Twitter this morning to spread the story of a bolt of lightning destroying a mural of George Floyd, the Black man senselessly murdered by then-police officer Derek Chauvin. His gleeful tone and the fact that he shared the story at all made it clear he was dancing on the grave of a dead man, a display of the kind of monstrous behavior that his father adores.

Captioning a screenshot of an article about the mural destruction, Trump Jr. penned a lengthy take on the story that was clearly aimed at riling up the MAGA movement’s white nationalist fanatics.

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“This will drive some people nuts but oh well. I mean you have to wonder if someone, like a higher power, is telling us something here?!?” wrote Don Jr.

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“Obviously what happened to George Floyd should never happen anywhere!!!” he went on. “That said, objectively speaking, given his history I’m not sure turning him into a deity and a role model for our children is exactly the right idea either. Also please don’t tell me they’re not trying to turn him into a role model/hero there’s statues of him going up all over the country etc. etc. The same lunatics who want to erase our founding fathers want statues of this man all over the place. Again, we can learn from a disastrous situation but the pendulum seems to always correct way too far these days.”

The implication of the caption is that Floyd deserved to die because he didn’t have a spotless criminal record. Conservatives love to take this angle whenever a Black person is murdered by the police. Rather than focus on the barbarism of the officers involved, they focus on the victim’s past.

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Contrast this victim-blaming approach with the way former President Trump and other Republicans have been talking about Ashli Babbitt, the insurrectionist who was shot and killed by Capitol police on January 6th. She was killed while in the act of trying to overthrow a legitimate election (a far worse crime than any Floyd ever committed) and yet right-wingers want us to think of her as a martyr because she’s white and she held their political views.

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In the comment section of his own post, Don Jr. added even more commentary.

“I mean when was the last time you heard of a building being destroyed by lightning? A brick wall that’s not a conductor of electricity? This stuff really doesn’t happen that often,” he wrote.

Don Jr. also shared the mural story on Twitter, repeating his disgusting theory that it’s “almost like a higher power is telling us something.” He also laughably claimed that he’s a “builder” and as such is qualified to speak on structural matters.

The responses to Twitter were deservedly brutal.

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