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Ted Cruz sparks major backlash after criticizing Dems who fled Texas to protect voting rights

Ted Cruz sparks major backlash after criticizing Dems who fled Texas to protect voting rights

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Perhaps the last person who should be attacking Democrats in the Texas legislature for fleeing the state to prevent the GOP from passing new voting restrictions is Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

After Cruz was caught fleeing to Cancun, Mexico this past winter during a climate emergency-induced cold spell that took out Texas’ power grid and left the state’s inhabitants shivering in the freezing weather, he doesn’t exactly possess the moral authority to lecture anyone about their travel plans, especially when they are in the service of preserving democracy.

Yet there was Senator Cruz, yet again pontificating on Fox News, besmirching the Democratic Texas lawmakers who fled the state’s jurisdiction rather than allow a quorum for their political opponents’ attempts to pass the heinous proposed voting legislation.

Calling the move a “political stunt,” Cruz said it was “ironic” since Democrats generally oppose voter ID measures, yet had to use their government-issued IDs to board the plane they used to escape the state.

“As they were getting on their private jet to fly to Washington, D.C., they almost surely had to show identification to get on that jet,” Cruz told his Fox News interviewer.

“This is, at the end of the day, politics. And they need to get back to doing their jobs. And one way or the other, they will,” he predicted.

Given his own past history of hasty exoduses, one would think that Cruz would downplay his comments, but instead, he took to Twitter to tout them and give them an even wider audience.

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Posting his Fox News interview to Twitter was perhaps not the wisest move if Cruz wanted to avoid being hammered down by his own critics. They took to the social media platform to give the Texas senator a piece of their minds.

It looks like Ted Cruz got an earful from his Twitter followers when he apparently expected people would have forgotten about his disgraceful escape to Cancun earlier this year.

Next time, let’s hope that Cruz has enough sense to keep his mouth shut when opening it will only lead to humiliation and mockery of his pervasive hypocrisy.

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Original reporting by Rachel Scully at The Hill.

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