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Trump releases bonkers statement claiming he made “stars” but some are made of “garbage”

Trump releases bonkers statement claiming he made “stars” but some are made of “garbage”

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Although he is blessedly no longer stalking the halls of the White House, there has been no dearth of news about Donald Trump and his time as the president. Countless books have been published, many of them containing deeply unflattering firsthand accounts of Trump’s behavior revealed by close aides and former staffers.

In just the past couple of months alone we learned that Trump referred to Joe Biden as a “mental retard” when he learned he was lagging behind him in the polls, that he regularly insulted and demeaned Rudy Giuliani to his face, that he had a profanity-laden meltdown when he learned his attorneys had submitted court documents riddled with typos, that he threw a newspaper at Vice President Mike Pence causing the usually reserved vice president to explode at him, and that he wanted to execute the person who leaked the information that he fled to his bunker during the George Floyd protests.

Suffice to say, the news has not been kind to Donald J. Trump.

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Now, he’s lashing out at those who have shared their stories about him. In a new statement, Trump rages that “nobody had ever heard of some of these people” who worked for him in D.C. He goes on to say that many of them feel “emboldened, brave, and for the first time in their lives, they feel like ‘something special,’ not the losers that they are,” because the “Fake News” has started reaching out to them. He carefully avoids mentioning the names of the people or the specific stories. Notably, he fails to explain why he had “losers” working for him in the first place.

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“Many say I am the greatest star-maker of all time,” Trump claims. “But some of the stars I produced are actually made of garbage.”

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While admittedly a bit funny, Trump referring to his former minions as “garbage” is unbelievably ironic given the fact that by just about every metric he was the worst president in American history. He is a garbage person, a garbage father, and a garbage ex-president.

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