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Don Jr.’s dirty family laundry aired on Twitter after he attacks Jeff Bezos for his space trip

Don Jr.’s dirty family laundry aired on Twitter after he attacks Jeff Bezos for his space trip

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There is precisely one thing that any given member of the Trump family genuinely cares about: themself. The former president and the nepotic parasites he calls his children often claim to care about a litany of things: patriotism, the welfare of American workers, the military, free speech… The reality, of course, is that they only pretend to care about these things because they know that admitting the truth—that they’re sociopaths solely concerned with their own wealth and power—would alienate the gullible rubes who form the MAGA movement.

Sometimes this faux concern for their supporters is implied, but other times it’s made so overt as to be laughable. Such was the case today when Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s recent vanity trip to outer space. The disgraced former president’s son shared a clip of Bezos thanking Amazon’s workers and customers for making the trip possible—a disingenuous bit of rhetoric itself from the billionaire—with a sarcastic caption.

“They sure did,” wrote Trump Jr. of Bezos’s claim that Amazon workers helped pay for the space trip. “I bet they’d rather have gotten a raise.”

While Amazon workers would certainly appreciate a raise as well as better work conditions, the idea that Donald Trump Jr. cares one iota about them is preposterous. The Republican Party he adores has repeatedly blocked efforts to increase the federal minimum wage and the judges that the GOP has stuffed into our Judicial Branch regularly rule in favor of corporations over workers. Despite its recent efforts to rebrand as the opposite, the GOP is an anti-worker party.

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Don Jr.’s decision to focus on Amazon rather than his sister Ivanka’s sweatshop practices in Indonesia or his father’s refusal to pay contractors for work completed demonstrates how little he actually cares. He’s targeting Bezos because his father hates Bezos, partially out of jealousy of his enormous wealth and partially because he owns The Washington Post which printed some of the more damaging articles about Donald Trump’s White House.

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The simple fact is that Amazon should pay its workers better but supporting right-wing politicos like Donald Trump Jr. isn’t the way to accomplish such changes. Voting for progressive Democrats and then holding them accountable to pass stronger labor protections and raise wages is the only tried and true way to force corporations like Amazon to play fair.


The responses to Don Jr.’s tweet were predictably brutal.

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