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Jen Psaki sarcastically skewers Peter Doocey for throwing a fit about one citation in a federal document

Jen Psaki sarcastically skewers Peter Doocey for throwing a fit about one citation in a federal document

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Another day, another dumb Peter Doocey complaint smacked down by the unshakeable White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

This one really shows just how desperate FOX News is to find some angle to attack President Biden on — and how deep they have to dig to scrape together some sorry excuse of a “controversy” to get their hooting and hollering viewers all riled up about.

Peter Doocey attempted to confront the White House over a citation in a federal guidebook for school reopenings that linked to the “Guide for Racial Justice & Abolitionist Social and Emotional Learning” by a group called the Abolitionist Teaching Network, which takes an unconventional approach to fighting racism, decolonizing education, and calls for a disruption of “Whiteness and other forms of oppression.”

Seems fairly reasonable. The right-wing, of course, began howling that the Biden administration was secretly trying to impose “critical race theory” on America’s children.

Again, about a citation. On a guide for “social and emotional learning.”

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Couldn’t be any more of a non-story, but given the lack of anything that actually matters to complain about, Peter Doocey dutifully threw his fit, demanding to know if the Biden administration “will follow up with school districts to make sure that the Abolitionist Teaching Network material is not in lesson plans.”

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Absolutely dripping with sarcasm, Psaki set the record straight in the way that only she can. “Just to be clear, for the context, because I know you love context, of what you’re asking about here, what you’re referring to is a citation in a report of which there were a thousand citations, so I’m quite impressed with your researchers for finding one of a thousand citations.”

It is ridiculous to see FOX News and the right-wing media machine take this obviously minute “mistake” — though there is nothing wrong with considering alternative conceptions of dealing with deep-rooted racism in America — into the implication that President Biden is secretly trying to fuel a race war or something, but it just goes to show how insane and out-of-touch with reality the right-wing media machine is, and how far they’ll go to make sure that white supremacy reigns supreme in America.


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