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Biden leaves reporter speechless with bullseye clapback to GOP gotcha question

Biden leaves reporter speechless with bullseye clapback to GOP gotcha question

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For far too long, the right-wing and its media minions have been able to push their poisonous false narratives with little to no pushback from Democrats — until now. President Biden, long known for his unwillingness to back down or take any guff, left a reporter nearly speechless as she tried to milk the tired and legless “defund the police” narrative again.

As the President left his town hall last night, he was accosted by a reporter who demanded to know whether “there were people in the Democratic Party who wanted to defund the police.”

This question is patently absurd and irrelevant. Yes, there probably are, but the Democratic Party encompasses tens of millions of people — far more than the Republican Party — and among such a wide group of people you can probably find subscribers to any and every kind of political philosophy or idea.

The reporter’s question, of course, was aimed at smearing the entire Party with that brush to fuel the false right-wing narratives that Democrats want to do away with law enforcement entirely. The fact that the Democratic Party leadership is resoundingly pro-police (probably too much so), has resoundingly rejected any “defund the police” measures and not one Democrat has run on a platform of defunding the police doesn’t seem to matter in the dystopian nightmare world that the American right-wing lives in.

So President Biden treated the question with the seriousness that it deserves — which was none.

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Biden shot back “Are there people in the Republican Party who think we’re sucking the blood out of kids?” in a reference to the highly popular QAnon and PizzaGate pedophilia conspiracies that have gained enormous followings among Republican politicians and voters.

The stunned reporter weakly stammered out “I don’t know” as Biden gave one of his trademark glares.

While there will certainly be a great deal of pearl-clutching over the supposed inappropriateness of the remark, it’s about time that we started treating this kind of thing with this kind of aggression. Republican Congressmen are constantly being indicted for all sorts of heinous crimes, chastised for promoting white supremacist conspiracy theories, and for putting people’s lives at risk for promoting vaccine disinformation.

These bullshit narratives and gotcha questions being pushed by the right-wing don’t deserve the time of day, and it’s gratifying to see President Biden refuse to give it to them.

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