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Trump tries to torpedo infrastructure bill with super-villainous statement about “weak fools”

Trump tries to torpedo infrastructure bill with super-villainous statement about “weak fools”

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Donald Trump may no longer have access to his digital Twitter megaphone thanks to a ban handed down in the wake of the January 6th insurrection, but he continues to release statements through intermediaries in the hopes of staying politically relevant. Earlier today, he released a statement aimed at discouraging Republican politicians from cooperating with Democrats to pass a much-needed infrastructure bill.

President Biden, recognizing that this nation’s crumbling infrastructure is a problem that will only exacerbate and compound if not addressed immediately, is pushing hard for a massive $579 billion investment in transportation, broadband, and other utilities.

Republicans who had no problem giving massive tax cuts to the rich and ballooning the national debt during the Trump years have suddenly discovered their “fiscal responsibility” and have been nickel and diming the bill every step of the way. It’s worth noting that the majority of Americans approve of the legislation.

Trump himself repeatedly claimed that he wanted to pass an infrastructure bill during his time in the White House. It never materialized and the idea of a never-ending “infrastructure week” that seemed to disappear and reappear like a mirage throughout his presidency became a running joke. It makes sense that someone as petty and jealous as Trump would do everything in his power to make sure his successor is unable to succeed where he failed.

In his statement, Trump scolded Republicans for getting “savaged” by Democrats in the infrastructure negotiations and denounced Mitch McConnell and his fellow “RINOS,” a disparaging acronym that means “Republicans In Name Only.” According to Trump, the infamously obstructionist McConnell is in fact desperate to cut a deal with Democrats to showcase his love of bipartisanship. One can only imagine how deeply delusional or misinformed you’d have to be to actually buy into this characterization of events.

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Trump ended his statement by urging Republicans not to strike an infrastructure deal until 2022 when he believes they will regain the majority and find themselves in a stronger negotiating position. His willingness to postpone such a crucial thing as infrastructure spending to score some cheap political points demonstrates just how little he actually cares about the welfare of this country. Infrastructure should be something that both parties support.

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“Republicans, don’t let the Radical Left play you for weak fools and losers!” the statement concluded, showcasing the infantile way in which the former president views politics. Hopefully, his party is able to rise above the debilitating fear of being “fools and losers” and do the right thing for this country for once.

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