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Marjorie Taylor Greene vows to never “back down” after literally fleeing her own press conference

Marjorie Taylor Greene vows to never “back down” after literally fleeing her own press conference

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Earlier today alleged sex trafficker Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and QAnon enthusiast Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene engaged in their latest act of joint self-humiliation by throwing a “press conference” outside the Department of Justice to express support and solidarity for the Capitol insurrectionists currently in detainment. The choice to do so today was no coincidence, as the Congressional select committee on January 6th has officially begun its hearings.

Rather than getting an opportunity to spew their usual filth with impunity, the Republican representatives found themselves beset by hecklers, including one who repeatedly blew a whistle so loudly that it drowned out Gaetz, Taylor Greene, and their confederates Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Rep. Bob Good (R-VA). Eventually, the representatives decided to flee the scene in defeat rather than remain and suffer continued embarrassment.

Imagine voting for these repulsive, cowardly clowns.

It was only a matter of time before the frothingly press-hungry Taylor Greene addressed the failed press conference. She blasted out a tweet decrying the “radical communist leftists” trying to shut down free speech in America. To Taylor Greene and her fellow right-wing radicals, anyone who doesn’t buy into unhinged conspiracy theories is considered a “communist” at this point. The word has lost all meaning with these people and is trotted out on a near-daily basis to smear anyone who disagrees with them.

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She claimed without evidence that “BLM / Antifa domestic terrorists” were responsible for the heckling at the press conference, a deliberate overdramatization of what happened aimed at saving face.

“I refuse to back down to the vile left & will continue to demand answers on J6,” concluded Taylor Greene, conveniently ignoring the fact that she literally backed down from the press conference. This woman is as craven as she is delusional and the sooner she’s voted out of Congress the better off we’ll all be.

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