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Republican media machine unleashes avalanche of racism against Simone Biles for Olympic withdrawal

Republican media machine unleashes avalanche of racism against Simone Biles for Olympic withdrawal

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Nothing underscores the ugly racial hostility, contempt, and disgust that conservative white America feels for their Black compatriots than to see the right-wing propaganda machine’s response to literally anything that happens to a famous Black figure. Immediately, pudgy white dudes who have never actually worked a day in their lives begin howling and moaning and trying to tear the person down any way they can, where it’s calling Cardi B a whore or accusing LeBron James of being a Chinese shill or obsessing over Jussie Smollet to prove that racism doesn’t actually exist in America.

Simone Biles’ difficult but personal decision to withdraw from competition last night predictably set off weeping and moaning from the usual suspects, who don’t care about the fact that one second of lost concentration could mean a grievous injury for Simone.

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This is absolutely infuriating for many reasons, the first one being that all of these men are bloggers who spend every day pushing the most primitive and asinine culture war drivel to the nation’s most brain-broken morons. They’ve never done anything even remotely close to the historic achievements that Simone Biles has, never felt an ounce of the pressure that she’s felt, never had to work towards anything and suffered the things that she’s had to endure to get to where she is today.

That includes being sexually assaulted by serial rapist Larry Nasser, who molested hundreds of gymnasts for decades while the FBI knew and did nothing about it. This country and its institutions failed her, just as we failed every one of Nasser’s hundreds of victims, and nobody has the right to criticize her for finally putting herself first — especially not these race-baiting morons who have contributed nothing to humanity and would be selling knives door to door if they didn’t have a vast network of right-wing billionaires funding their bully pulpits.

And race-baiting it is. They know the ugly truth: that there is a significant portion of white Americans who yearn to see famous Black Americans laid low and will eagerly consume any content that allows them to feel superior, that gives them the excuse to criticize and condemn and demean and insult. It’s absolutely disgusting, but there’s no getting around it — this is who we are.

Fortunately, there was also an outpouring of support for the unrivalled athlete from less prejudiced people:


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