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Trump goes for McConnell’s jugular in jealous fit over infrastructure bill he never got passed

Trump goes for McConnell’s jugular in jealous fit over infrastructure bill he never got passed

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Former President Donald Trump struck another blow today in his ongoing campaign to vindictively destabilize and weaken his own party. Unable to tweet thanks to his January 6th insurrection ban, he released a statement through intermediaries in which he slammed the “weak leadership” of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and blamed him for Senate Republicans continuing to “lose.”

The feud between Trump and McConnell has flared up repeatedly since the days following January 6th. McConnell voted to acquit Trump during his impeachment trial but also condemned then-President Trump over his role in the Capitol siege, calling it a “disgraceful dereliction of duty.” Ever since, Trump has been launching sporadic broadsides at McConnell in the hopes of ousting him from his powerful position in the GOP, going so far as to even consider insulting his physical appearance.

In his statement today, Trump blamed McConnell for Republican Senate defeats in Arizona and Georgia during the 2020 election, conveniently ignoring the fact that hatred of his own presidency drove record Democratic turnout. He also accused McConnell of ignoring “Election Fraud” despite the fact that no evidence of mass voter fraud has ever been produced. His ego still prevents him from abandoning the Big Lie that he actually won.

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The former president went on to accuse McConnell of “giving Democrats everything they want and getting nothing in return,” a laughably inaccurate characterization of the serial obstructionist McConnell. Trump insisted that “no deal is better than a bad deal.” Clearly, he’s terrified that Democrats and Republicans will strike a deal on infrastructure and President Biden will achieve something he was never able to do: pass legislation that benefits all Americans.

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From there the statement devolved into the usual inane rambling about “Communist Democrats” destroying America. It’s as if the defeated, disgraced ex-president is running on autopilot these days. His attacks have lost their venom or any semblance of originality. At this point, he just comes across as a pathetic loser. Which he is.

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