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Ted Cruz triggers avalanche of scorn after recreating Trump’s infamous “trucker” photo

Ted Cruz triggers avalanche of scorn after recreating Trump’s infamous “trucker” photo

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On a daily basis, Ted Cruz pretends to be a lot of things: a patriot, a competent senator, someone you can trust. But by far the least convincing thing he pretends to be every day is a man.

Ted Cruz watched Donald Trump insult his wife’s appearance and then proceeded to become one of his most obsequious servants. In his soulless pursuit of power Cruz has abandoned any semblance of manhood and so when he assumes the trappings of exaggerated masculinity by shooting a gun wrapped in bacon one can only laugh. If one is feeling particularly devoid of charitability one might speculate that his pronounced lack of a chin drives his vain attempts to be perceived as a “man.” Sisyphus had greater success.

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In any case, Cruz—wrapped in his delusional sense of self—attempted to dunk on President Biden yesterday. He shared an article from the right-wing outlet The Daily Wire which discussed the president talking about driving an 18-wheeler. Cruz posted a video of himself sitting in the cab of a large truck, flashing a sleazy grin and honking the horn, with the caption “Pics or it didn’t happen.” The obvious (and laughable) implication is that Cruz is somehow more of a man than Biden. Toadie that he is, Cruz was clearly trying to mimic Trump.

Cruz apparently thinks that denying healthcare to millions of Americans, undermining our democracy by boosting lies that the 2020 election was stolen, and denying the vote to people of color in order to maintain a stranglehold on power is somehow “manly.” Thankfully, social media users were quick to take this little worm to task.

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