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House Minority Leader cruelly jokes about violence against Nancy Pelosi at GOP fundraiser

House Minority Leader cruelly jokes about violence against Nancy Pelosi at GOP fundraiser

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It’s difficult not to be concerned about the divisive state of American politics, but such concern needs to be escalated to screaming-siren, flashing lights-style intensity after an incident at a fundraising dinner in Tennessee involving House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) last night.

Speaking to a crowd of 1,400 wealthy Republican donors, McCarthy was discussing the GOP’s efforts to regain the majority in the House of Representatives in the 2022 midterm elections, a goal that redistricting after the 2020 census and the strenuous efforts of state-level Republican legislatures to suppress ballot access make all too plausible a possible result.

It was what Congressman McCarthy said next — with likely visions of regaining the Speaker of the House role dancing in his head — that truly exemplified the vicious state of brutal American politics today.

Speaking of the moment when he would once again be installed into the Speaker’s chair, McCarthy told the assembled crowd that he would have great difficulty restraining himself from striking the current occupant of that office, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi with the Speaker’s gavel.

“It will be hard not to hit her with it but I will bang it down,” McCarthy said, presumably in what passes for jovial humor in GOP circles.

While it may be perfectly on-brand for Republican politicians to spout so-called “jokes” about violence against women and political opponents, news of McCarthy’s comments — spread via the Twitter feeds of The Washington Post journalist Michael Scherer and other reporters at the event— soon riled social media, which then turned the spigot on a torrent of outrage at the House GOP leader.

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With his deplorable comments, Kevin McCarthy just disqualified himself from ever holding the Speaker’s podium again, at least in the eyes of any moral American.

The American public cannot allow the GOP to regain a majority in the House of Representatives and put this man back in contention for a leadership position.

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Original reporting by Joshua Zitser at Business Insider.

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