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Don Jr.’s attempt to dunk on President Biden’s reading abilities crashes and burns

Don Jr.’s attempt to dunk on President Biden’s reading abilities crashes and burns

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It’s impossible to tell for sure if Donald Trump’s children believe all, any, or none of the ridiculously hyperbolic things they say about their father. As Junior, Eric, and Ivanka tell it he’s the greatest president ever elected in any country anywhere. They present him as God’s gift to democracy, a staggering genius of historic proportions, a brilliant businessman, a devout Christian, and a staunch patriot.

The truth, of course, is that Donald J. Trump is none of these things. He’s a cruel, narcissistic ignoramus and by just about every metric he was the worst president in American history. Whenever one of his putrid progeny lavishes praise on him, those of us not infected with the MAGA delusion can’t help but laugh. Future generations will look at his children’s sycophancy with astonishment.

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Today, little Donald Trump Junior, ever questing in vain to secure his psychopathic father’s love, penned a tweet attacking President Biden. He claimed that Biden “really makes reading a teleprompter look hard,” a painfully oblivious insult given the manner in which his father constantly struggles to string together so much as coherent thought. Biden dismantled Trump during the debates and Trump’s public rhetoric since his defeat has only grown more disjointed and confused.

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Twitter users were quick to mock Don Jr. for his asinine tweet by trotting out some of his father’s greatest hits. As the old adage goes, those who live in glass houses paid for by their daddy’s ill-gotten money shouldn’t throw stones…

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