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Delusional Trump argues that actually he won after his champion loses special election

Delusional Trump argues that actually he won after his champion loses special election

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Donald Trump’s pathetic losing streak continues. Despite his resounding defeat at the hands of Joe Biden and the fact that he was impeached twice, he’s still convinced that he’s a political genius, a force of nature that can’t be stopped. And yet for all his imagined unparalleled influence, his endorsement is still no guarantee that a GOP candidate will win.

Last week, the Trump-endorsed Susan Wright lost to another Republican, Jake Ellzey, in a special Congressional election. Not surprisingly, the disgraced former president refused to accept any responsibility for Wright’s loss. In a new statement, he went so far as to claim that he in fact won. He blamed the loss of his chosen Republican to another Republican on Democratic turnout.

“My endorsed candidate won in the Primary, but the other outstanding candidate won the General Election because virtually 100% of Democrats, approximately 17% of the total vote, supported the candidate I did not endorse,” said Trump.

“I won because we ended up with a great Republican candidate—the Democrats never had a chance,” Trump added, conveniently ignoring the reality that not only did he play no part in Ellzey’s win, he actively tried to prevent it. But he wasn’t done there.

“It was a big Trump victory, a great Republican victory, and a great victory for American Patriot Congressman Jake Ellzey,” Trump added. Apparently, a “Trump victory” is now synonymous with a Trump loss since he says the exact thing about his defeat in the 2020 election. At this rate, let’s hope he keeps racking up “victories” forever.

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