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Marjorie Taylor Greene crosses the line with appalling new vaccine lie aimed at pregnant women

Marjorie Taylor Greene crosses the line with appalling new vaccine lie aimed at pregnant women

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It might sound like hyperbole to say that the fringes of the Republican Party are part of a “death cult,” but judging from their reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic and their fierce resistance to vaccinating the population, it’s hard to see it any other way.

Misinformation, propaganda, and straight-up lies run rampant on social media, all promoted by the conservative media machines and by prominent politicians from their enormous platforms, resulting in a nation still under siege from a rampant coronavirus that continues to claim thousands of American lives and disrupting the flow of society.

One of the worst offenders is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia, who gleefully embraced racist and delusional conspiracy theories long before she was elected to public office and continues to promote dangerous falsehoods on a daily basis.

Her most recent dive off the cliff of sanity is nothing short of appalling. On Wednesday evening, Taylor Greene tweeted that she had spoken with “several women” who told her they had suffered miscarriages after taking the COVID-19 vaccine, implicitly drawing a connection between the two things without any evidence whatsoever that they are related.

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Her use of the patented Trump “many people are saying” excuse to hand-wave away any need for actual evidence, which makes it obvious that it’s entirely fabricated.

Make no mistake: this is a wildly dangerous and damaging lie to promote and people will die because of it. But Taylor Greene doesn’t care about anyone’s life but her own, willing to see thousands die preventable deaths in order to farm retweets and social media clout from her rabid followers.

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