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MTG issues unhinged rant about “social credit” and “communism” in defense of white supremacists

MTG issues unhinged rant about “social credit” and “communism” in defense of white supremacists

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With every passing day, the screeching and caterwauling from the far-right wing grows louder and more deranged. In the space of a few years, we’ve gone from conservatives tut-tutting about progressive public programs being “socialist” to crazed harpies shrieking that the Democratic Party is obsessed with “communism,” willfully abusing definition, context, and nuance so brazenly that it triggers psychic damage in all those who encounter it.

The latest eruption of nihilistic absurdity from the right-wing comes, once again, from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who shared a garbage “opinion” link and declared that Democrats were going to enforced a “social credit system” through “corporate communism” while trashing the idea of vaccine passports and misrepresenting the fight against voter ID — a highly concentrated blast of pure insanity that is, unfortunately, par for the course from our elected Republican politicians these days.

The link itself is presented as a factual article but in reality is just an opinion piece by some astroturf libertarian propagandist who has spent her entire life coasting on the welfare job gravy train of conservative “intellectual” publications that nobody who doesn’t own a monocle reads — the National Review, Washington Examiner, etc.

The piece itself makes the unfounded and baseless case that tech companies are implementing China’s “social credit system” because they are cracking down on overt white supremacists and far-right militiamen on social — and worries that perhaps other right-wing commentators who are able to keep their proverbial hoods on might also fall victim to this censorship:

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“The actions of these major companies may seem logical in an internet riddled with scams and crime. After all, nobody will defend far-right militias or white supremacist groups using these platforms for their odious goals. However, the same issue with government censorship exists with corporate censorship: If there is a line, who draws it? Will the distinction between mundane politics and extremism be a “I’ll know it when I see it” scenario, as former Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart described obscenity? If so, will there be individuals able to unilaterally remove people’s effective ability to use the internet? Could a Facebook employee equate Ben Shapiro with David Duke, and remove his account?”

Ben Shapiro’s work has been linked at least one white supremacist terror attack. Can’t see any reason why a guy who says things like “the next race war will come not from racist whites, but from racist blacks and Hispanics” has anything to worry about from a white supremacist censor.

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The concern that Marjorie Taylor Greene and op-ed author Kristin Tate have is an implicit admission that all modern conservative propaganda and “intellectualism” is rooted in the promotion of white supremacy, which they approve of and don’t want to see stopped for any reason — which is why they are fearmongering against the censorship of overt white supremacists and right-wing terror groups, which they also approve of and don’t want to see stopped for any reason.

The louder that Taylor Greene and her cronies howl about “communism” and liberal authoritarianism, the easier it is to pull aside the curtain and see the vile darkness that they’re providing cover for.



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