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Social media erupts in derision as Trump asks fans to carry a “Trump Card”

Social media erupts in derision as Trump asks fans to carry a “Trump Card”

If there’s one thing Donald Trump loves, it’s putting his name on anything and everything — and now that he’s a pariah, he’s been forced to get creative since nobody wants the stigma associated with their building anymore. And what better way to do it than by cheating his gullible supporters out of some extra cash?

On Wednesday night, Trump’s campaign — which somehow still exists — announced they wanted his supporters to carry “Trump cards” and asked his fans to vote on their favorite design. The cards say OFFICIAL TRUMP CARD on them in big letters and feature the Florida blogger’s illegible signature. One of the designs featured an enormous eagle that prompted many on social media to make comparisons to the sigil of the Nazi Party.

And of course, in classic Trump fashion, there’s a glaring typo in one of the cards:

What, exactly the TRUMP CARD is meant to represent beyond a popup to a donation page is unclear, but we are sure that they will be eagerly snapped up by his fanatical acolytes.

Social media users were quick to rip on what is almost certainly Trump’s latest scam:

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