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Trump singles out Rand Paul in enormously petty and very weird rant

Trump singles out Rand Paul in enormously petty and very weird rant

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Former President Donald Trump is desperate to stay relevant. Stripped of not only the immense powers of the Oval Office but also his Twitter and Facebook pages, he’s been reduced to making sporadic appearances, releasing petulant statements, and endorsing candidates in an effort to stay in the political arena. His track record on the latter front has been particularly inconsistent.

Recently, the candidate who Trump endorsed for a Texas special election ended up losing to another Republican (although Trump still tried to claim victory). The Trump-endorsed Mike Carey on the other hand seems poised to fare slightly better, as he recently won the Republican nomination for Ohio’s 15th congressional district. Whether he can win the general election in November remains to be seen but already the former president is holding him aloft as a win.

In a new statement, Trump rambled about Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). He asked if Paul will “apologize” for trying to secure the nomination for a candidate other than Mike Carey after Trump had already announced his own endorsement. The former president clearly saw the counter-endorsement as a personal slight and his infamously petty ego refused to let him simply ignore it. Trump pointed out that Paul’s chosen candidate came in a “distant third.”

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“Rand is a different kind of guy, but I like him a lot anyway, and I’m proud to have endorsed him when he ran,” Trump went on, seemingly casting shade on the Kentucky senator. The “different kind of guy” bit is noteworthy as it sounds like a slightly nicer way of calling the infamously eccentric Paul a weirdo.

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“Do you think he learned his lesson?” Trump ended the statement, discussing the 58-year-old senator as one might a chastised child. All in all, the statement was a total waste of digital ink that accomplished no real political ends beyond addressing one of Trump’s countless perceived slights. It reads more like the diary entry of middle-schooler than a statement released by a former president.

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