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Biden expertly trolls Republican media with homage to Obama on his 60th

Biden expertly trolls Republican media with homage to Obama on his 60th

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Social media had a field day today after President Joe Biden seemingly trolled right-wing media by recreating one of the only major scandals of the Obama administration: daring to wear a tan suit.

In an incident that hearkened back to those innocent days when the biggest criticism one could make of the White House was not sedition, criminality, or massive ethical breaches, but the president’s sartorial choices, Biden surprised the attendees at his press conference this morning about the encouraging July employment statistics by wearing the same kind of beige business suit that raised paroxysms of unwarranted horror from then-President Obama’s faint-hearted opposition.

For those of you who may not remember the outrage perpetrated by Fox News over Obama’s wardrobe, this summary produced by The Daily Show a few years back may provide a handy reminder.

While a tan suit may not be considered proper business attire in certain quarters, it is a perfectly valid fashion choice for the climate-emergency-enhanced, oppressive Washington D.C. summer weather.

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Observers on social media, cognizant of the stink raised by Republican hypocrites who had piled on Barack Obama when he dared to violate their aesthetic sensibilities with his attire, seemed to think that Biden’s choice to wear a similar suit to the one that inspired such vitriol when his Democratic predecessor wore it was more than just an accommodation to August’s humid climate in the capital.

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No, this was deliberate trolling of the right-wing in their eyes.

Here is a sampling of the reaction to Joe Biden’s tan suit on Twitter this morning.

Given the job that President Biden is doing compared to his immediate predecessor, he can wear whatever the hell he wants it seems in the eyes of his social media admirers.

If only right-wing media would focus on his accomplishments instead of the color of his suit, perhaps this nation’s polarization could be lessened.

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