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Psaki lands double-whammy demolitions on Fox News reporter’s gotcha setups

Psaki lands double-whammy demolitions on Fox News reporter’s gotcha setups

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She almost makes it look too easy.

When White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki takes the podium for the daily press briefing, she typically faces numerous attempts by right-wing media “journalists” whose primary aim is to catch the Biden administration with one sort of “gotcha” question or another in order to counter the clear signs of the administration’s successes so far.

Every time she is faced with those leading questions — often based on misinformation and bad faith — Psaki manages to effortlessly humiliate the journalist in question with a smile and a deft command of the facts that invariably puncture any query sent her way and reiterate the truth of the situation at hand.

Today’s press briefing was the perfect example, as Psaki responded to the hard-hitting investigative journalism from a reporter who needed to know the answer to the burning issue of why President Biden continues to travel back to his Delaware home on weekends, something that conservative media never seemed to mention when Donald Trump was jetting back and forth to his various golf resorts at great expense almost every weekend.

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The press secretary’s common sense reply underscores the implicit malice in the very question with its implications that President Biden’s desire to spend his weekends in familiar surroundings when not otherwise engaged in the business of guiding the nation was somehow suspect.

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It was Psaki’s perpetual foil — Fox News’ Peter Doocy — who provided the majority of the press secretary’s opportunities to pursue her talents for the snappy comeback.

Doocy began by inquiring as to whether the Biden administration had any qualms about requiring kindergartners who are not yet eligible to receive the COVID vaccine shots to wear face masks when they begin classes.

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Psaki’s reply was masterful, citing her own experience as the mother of a kindergarten-age child to make her point about the wisdom of the administration’s masking policy.

Peter Doocy must have a masochistic streak because he returned with another leading question, this time targeting the latest jobs report announced this morning that showed a robust economic recovery taking place as the effects of the administration’s vaccine rollout begin to take hold, with an additional 943,000 jobs added last month.

With Doocy’s question implying that the economy isn’t actually doing as well as the job figures indicate, Psaki skewered the premise of the Fox News reporter with one simple question.

One has to wonder how Peter Doocy can stand returning to the press room after his now daily ritual of public humiliation at the hands of the clearly more capable press secretary.

President Biden is extremely fortunate to have such a skilled woman representing his administration to the fourth estate.

After the string of pitiful prevaricators who held her position under the previous administration, Psaki is a breath of fresh air in a  room still redolent of the polluted environment that Donald Trump presided over.

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