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Trump’s latest “Big Lie” stirs social media outrage with false claims about Wisconsin voter rolls

Trump’s latest “Big Lie” stirs social media outrage with false claims about Wisconsin voter rolls

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The juggernaut of disinformation continued today as Donald Trump issued his latest press release that is still attempting to cast doubt on his overwhelming defeat in the 2020 presidential election.

This time, Trump is incensed over reports that Wisconsin state election officials removed over 200,000 people from the swing state’s voter rolls immediately after the 2020 election because “they could not find the voters,” as the former guy claims.

Trump displays his complete lack of knowledge about how our election systems work in this country — and his penchant for ginning up outrage and controversy where none actually exists — by complaining that the fact that these voters’ registrations were canceled “AFTER the election” could have meant the difference between his 20,000 vote loss in the state and the victory that he claims is rightfully his despite all evidence to the contrary.

What the former guy seemingly purposefully ignores is the reality that the vast majority of the canceled voter registrations — over 174,000 of the 205,000 cited — occurred because the people in question did not vote in the 2020 election despite being registered to do so and that this post-election culling is standard procedure for election officials in states across the country.

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In fact, as former George W. Bush administration official Christian Vanderbrouk posted on Twitter, none of the 205,000 voters culled from the rolls actually voted in the 2020 elections according to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

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Other social media commentators were equally critical of Trump’s cynical ploy for attention.

It’s way past the time for Trump to abandon his big lie and past the time for him to be held accountable for instigating the most dangerous insurgency that this nation has seen since the Civil War.

We’re anxious to find out what his press releases will say once he is in prison.

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