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Right-wing activist declares war on “blue state liberals” with dangerous manifesto

Right-wing activist declares war on “blue state liberals” with dangerous manifesto

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The descent of the right-wing into advocating outright fascism and white nationalism was one of the most distressing aspects of the Trump presidency, but now, in the post-Trump era, his adherants are going even further off the deep end.

Social media was abuzz today with outraged responses to a Twitter thread posted by Kurt Schlichter, a self-described “successful trial lawyer” and stand up comic who moonlights as an ultra-conservative columnist for a leading right-wing website,

Schlichter’s screed demonstrates the difficulty that the rigid ideologues of the right have in sharing the planet with others who don’t subscribe to their own limited views on how society should work and the authoritarian lengths to which they will prescribe while ironically advocating for their distorted interpretation of “freedom.”

The enraged Schlichter begins his manifesto with a virtual declaration of war against “blue state liberals” whom he seems to think are trying to severely restrict his right to do whatever the hell he pleases.

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He then quickly pivots to advocating the complete subjugation of anyone who dares to exercize their own freedom of opinion and disagree with his reprehensible views.

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This advocate of freedom oddly calls for blanket bans that are counter-intuitively similar to the practices of the authoritarian Marxist regimes whose ideology he is ostensibly condemning.

His calls for the nationalization of big tech — presumably including social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube — and of higher education are straight out of a communist playbook.

His advocacy of a program to re-educate the masses in proper “conservatism as their operational ideology” is not much different from what Americans are condemning China for doing with its Uighur Muslim population.

These first few tweets are bad enough, but Schlichter keeps going with even more outrageous proposals that would have gotten him laughed out of polite society in any age prior to the ascension of Donald Trump as anything other than a corrrupt New York real estate developer and reality TV host.

Now here are some proposals that will have America’s founding fathers turning in their graves at what is being proposed in the name of freedom.

Unjustly tax and disenfranchize the childless!?!? Tie the ability to own property and to vote to mandatory military service!?!?End Social Security, Medicare, and all other social services!?!?

These ideas are not rooted in conservativism in the least, but are concepts generated by the radical lunatic fringe that would be even more shocking if they weren’t almost unintentionally rediculous and even funny.

I mean, come on: “Outlaw crime again?” Again? Wasn’t it illegal to begin with?

Schlichter’s juvenality is truly revealed in his final two tweets in the thread where he resorts to the same excuse that my younger brother used to say to my mother when we were caught fighting.

“They started it.”

It’s actually frightening to read opinions like this emanating from Trump supporters who have already demonstrated their willingness to resort to violence to achieve their political aims as their deadly incursion into the Capitol Building on January 6th so amply demonstrated.

The response to Schlichter’s lengthy post may yet restore your faith in America’s less deranged citizens as Twitter denizens shared their dismay at his dangerous authoritarian proposals in the name of “Freedom.”

Perhaps the best reply was the one that truly revealed the character of the man who was spouting this clarion call for a fascistic right-wing takeover of American society by simply retweeting his response to then-President-elect Biden and his wife Jill Biden’s   empathetic Christmas message of peaceful co-existence and mutual support.

They started it, indeed. Take your own advice to the Bidens, Mr. Shitler…oops, I mean Mr. Schlichter.

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