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Trump vs. the NFL, MLB, Women’s Soccer, & LeBron James — his latest attacks go off the deep end

Trump vs. the NFL, MLB, Women’s Soccer, & LeBron James — his latest attacks go off the deep end

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Not content to stew quietly while in a period of political impotence, Donald Trump took to Fox News last night for a wide-ranging bitching session with host Dan Bongino.

While Trump spent much of his interview predictably attacking the Biden Administration and claiming that he would be viciously assailed if he were still president and the COVID-19 virus had exploded in its recent delta variant-fueled resurgence, he still had time to be equally critical of the world of sports.

With a typical obsession with television ratings as his measure, the disgraced former president said that athletes’ obsession with fighting for social justice reforms was hurting their viewership among his right-wing followers.

Ratings, Trump claimed, have “plummeted for the NFL, it plummeted for baseball, you see what’s going on.”

It was not just the world of professional sports that drew Trump’s ire, however.

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He was equally dismissive of America’s Olympians most of whom lack the exorbitant salaries and lucrative sponsorship deals that their professional peers have access to.

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He singled out the U.S. Women’s National soccer team as an example of how political activism, rather than the events on the field, has supposedly affected their ability to achieve victory and clinch a gold medal.

“But look at the soccer team, the women’s soccer team,” he urged. “All of a sudden they’re not like they were — they were supposed to win the gold medal.”

“But you know, the word ‘woke’ means loser. If you’re woke, you’re gonna lose,” Trump explained his dubious logic. “And ultimately, we’re not going to make ‘woke’ make this country into a loser.”

Trump continued to cite the social justice activism of well-known athletes as the factor that has turned off many of his extremist fans when it comes to sports.

“Look,” he continued, “the country doesn’t like it. I don’t like it and a lot of people have turned off to sports. LeBron James, they don’t like him. The NBA didn’t do great, but they did better after he was out.”

“They don’t want this. There’s enough of it. They want to watch sports, they want to watch great athletes. They don’t want politics in the middle of their sports games.”

“And that included the announcers too,” Trump added, never failing to alienate another constituency. “I see some of these announcers, that they’re not big shots I can tell you, but I listen to what they say and you just want to turn off the game.”

Funny, many sports fans who don’t worship at the altar of Donald Trump may feel the same way when they see the failed ex-president on any TV appearance.

Nevertheless, you can listen to the former guy spew his drunken-uncle-like opinions about sports in the video excerpt below.

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Original reporting by Bob Brigham at RawStory.

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