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Don Jr. steps on land mine by going after Governor Cuomo’s alleged sexual misconduct

Don Jr. steps on land mine by going after Governor Cuomo’s alleged sexual misconduct

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Donald Trump Jr. has happily accepted the role of his father’s advance guard against the media forces arrayed in favor of the truth and consequently opposed to the lies that his father is invariably peddling.

Junior’s Twitter feed is littered with jabs towards those who dare to critique the deposed wanna-be dictator that the disgraced ex-president has proven himself to be.

The problem with Don Jr.’s social media crusade, however, goes beyond the reflexive defensiveness of his posts, particularly when he goes on the offensive against his dad’s perceived enemies.

Take one of his most recent posts, wherein the eldest son of the Trump dynasty takes aim at the downfall of two men who were touted as potent political adversaries of Donald Trump Sr. — and potential presidential contenders — as well as the media outlet that featured those men prominently in its programming.

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One would think that most people would have the self-awareness not to attack one’s father’s enemies by criticizing their financial chicanery or sexual assault charges when the person you are trying to protect has much more egregious examples of that type of behavior publicly documented for the world to be reminded of.

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No problem! Social media was more than happy to remind Don Jr. of the pitfalls of his approach.

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Of course, none of the mockeries that Twitter users send Junior’s way will affect his aggressive attacks on his dad’s many detractors.

Only a conviction and a prison sentence for the financial irregularities at the Trump Organization is likely to accomplish the much-needed task of silencing this outspoken defender of all that his father stands for, or, in other words, for deplorability.

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