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Melania lashes out at historian for mocking her “evisceration” of the Rose Garden one year later

Melania lashes out at historian for mocking her “evisceration” of the Rose Garden one year later

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Melania Trump was an abject failure as First Lady. Not only did she fail to stand up to her husband as he implemented racist, cruel, and destructive policies, she even failed at the more superficial aspects of the position. Her redesign of the White House Rose Garden was widely mocked after she had beautiful trees and shrubbery replaced with a concrete pathway — mockery which she just now seems to be growing aware of.

Yesterday, the Twitter account for the “Office of Melania Trump” responded to criticisms leveled by presidential historian Michael Bechbloss. He was a vocal critic of Melania’s redesign of the Rose Garden and over the weekend he tweeted about the “evisceration” of the Rose Garden one year after it occurred. He accused Melania of erasing “decades of American history” in one fell swoop.

The Office of Melania Trump stated that Beschloss had “proven his ignorance by showing a picture of the Rose Garden in its infancy.” It went on to insist that the Rose Garden now has a “healthy & colorful blossoming of roses” and that Beschloss was spreading “misleading information,” an incredibly ironic accusation coming from the woman married to the most famous liar in the world, Donald J. Trump.

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According to Melania and her people, Beschloss has acted in a “dishonorable” fashion and should “never be trusted as a professional historian.” The idea that Melania Trump of all people might be an authority on who is “honorable” or who can be “trusted” is laughable.

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Regardless of whether or not Beschloss was slightly misleading in his choice of photo angle, the fact that Melania Trump is fixated on the discourse around the Rose Garden after being out of the White House for so long is telling. She knows she has no real legacy as First Lady, no accomplishments to champion for the history books, so she’s reduced to engaging in petty squabbles over how she arranged a garden. She’ll be remembered for destroying the Rose Garden and little else.

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