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Ex-Trump campaign official announces plans for ANOTHER Capitol Hill “protest”

Ex-Trump campaign official announces plans for ANOTHER Capitol Hill “protest”

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The gaslighting about the January 6th Capitol insurrection by right-wing extremists has reached new heights now that the month that many of these deluded folks have predicted that Donald Trump will somehow be reinstated as president has arrived.

Now, the gang leaders of the deplorable mobs are planning another mass protest in Washington DC to try to spread the message that the charges of insurrection are “phony” and to protest the incarceration of the so-called “political prisoners” arrested in the wake of the violent melee that left a trail of dead and injured Capitol police officers.

Matt Braynard, the former data chief of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, announced the new protest, dubbed “Justice for J6,” on the podcast of the pardoned criminal and former White House political advisor Steve Bannon last week.

Braynard is organizing the event through his political activist group “Look Ahead America,” a seemingly inaptly named organization, given its focus on restoring the twice-impeached former president to office.

“We’re going back to the Capitol, right where it started. And it’s going to be huge,” Braynard warned Bannon.

“As we continue to raise the profiles of these individuals,” he said, referring to those who were arrested for their crimes, it “makes it harder and harder for the left’s phony narrative about an insurrection to stick,” the right-wing activist said. “We’re going to push back on the phony narrative that there was an insurrection.”

Braynard is either deliberately ignoring the abundance of video footage that clearly demonstrates the violent breach of the Capitol building — and the intense hand-to-hand combat that accompanied it — or has been living in a sealed box with no access to the outside world for the past seven months, as he described the crowd on January 6th as “largely peaceful.”

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Adding insult to injury, he claimed that the MAGA hordes were “egged on in many cases by the Capitol Police.”

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Exactly who would be addressing the “Justice for J6” rally was still unclear as Braynard declined to provide more information other than promising “high profile” speakers, including some unnamed but easily guessed members of Congress yet to be confirmed.

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Braynard claims that Washington DC’s Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has already approved a permit for the event, although the MPD has refused to confirm that when asked by the media.

The rally is planned to take place on the same West Lawn of the Capitol Building where the MAGA mobs assembled as they stormed over from the January 6th “Stop the Steal” rally where Trump had told them to “fight much harder” to prevent the certification of the election that he lost by millions of votes.

While Braynard claims that the rally is solely in support of non-violent protestors, he simultaneously states that the rally will focus on those arrested in the wake of the violent sack of the Capitol.

He also says that his organization will try to discourage attendees from holding signs with comments about a stolen election or supporting a particular political candidate, but didn’t explain exactly how such a policy would be enforced.

Officials at the Department of Homeland Security have already warned that the United States faced a growing threat from “violent domestic extremists” emboldened by the events of January 6th and are “concerned these same drivers to violence will remain through early 2021,” The New York Times has reported.

Given the combustible nature of the protestors and the political fury that they carry, it will be worth paying careful attention to security arrangements surrounding the “Justice for J6” rally.

Perhaps a counter-protest in favor of “Justice for America” that urges that those January 6th insurrection participants found guilty of crimes be given the maximum penalties available as befits the seditious intent of their actions.

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Original reporting by Mary Papenfuss at HuffPost.

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