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Trump blasts out enigmatic, all caps, three-word statement about bullies

Trump blasts out enigmatic, all caps, three-word statement about bullies

Since losing the White House and then his Twitter and Facebook pages due to his role in the January 6th insurrection, Donald Trump has been something of a hobbled beast. One can only imagine the constant vitriolic tweets he’d be blasting out about his Democratic successor if he had access to his tens of millions of digital followers. Instead, the former president has been reduced to releasing statements via email that are seen by a far smaller audience and as a result, make a much smaller splash on the political scene.

This reduction in reach in turn seems to have extinguished some of his enthusiasm, and most of his statements are repetitive, lukewarm talking point’s he’s spewed countless times before. While never an articulate or particularly creative man, Trump’s attacks at least used to have some chutzpah to them. Now it seems like he’s just going through the motions.

Today, he released a statement that was simply three words in caps lock: “BULLIES NEVER FIGHT!”

It’s unclear what exactly prompted the little outburst, but it could be tied to his recent efforts to torpedo President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure bill. He has accused Republicans of rolling over for the current president but it’s clear that his opposition to the bill is rooted in nothing but spite. Trump promised and ultimately failed to deliver an infrastructure bill and he hates the idea that the man who defeated him is about to succeed where he could not.

Perhaps “BULLIES NEVER FIGHT!” is Trump calling the Democrats bullies and saying that they won’t fight and will simply fold if Republicans apply more pressure against their legislative agenda. It’s wishful thinking on Trump’s part and it appears that the infrastructure bill is on track to pass and change the lives of millions of Americans for the better.

One also can’t ignore the irony of Donald Trump—a man who attacked POWs, Gold Star families, disabled people, immigrants, Muslims, women, leaders of allied nations, and even children—speaking disparagingly of bullies. He’s the most infamous bully in the world and we’re all better off now that he’s lost his Twitter and Facebook megaphones.

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Rob Haffey

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