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Trump issues gross and inflammatory defense of woman shot on Jan 6

Trump issues gross and inflammatory defense of woman shot on Jan 6

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How sad it is to see a former President of the United States — even a twice-impeached failure like Donald Trump — reduced to sitting on the sidelines and taking potshots at the Capitol Police who defended our nations lawmaker’s and our vice president from the murderous hordes who attempted to shut down the certification of the legitimate results of the 2020 presidntial election!

That’s exactly what Trump is doing with his latest press release, his desperate substitute for the now banished Twitter account that he lost because of his similar posts propagating his big lie of election fraud that exists nowhere but in his imagination.

Even worse, Trump verges on intimidation as he decries the killing of Ashli Babbitt, the insurrectionist who was shot and killed by an unidentified defender of the Capitol Building as the MAGA mobs smashed windows and breached security lines on January 6th.

Saying “we know who he is,” Trump implies a threat as he calls for “justice” against so-called “Radical Left haters”, like a self-appointed hanging judge at a Ku Klux Klan lynching.

The Department of Justice has already determined that Babbitt’s death was justified since the unnamed officer was acting in self-defense in the face of a violent and dangerous mob.

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Trump’s press release, as smuggled onto Twitter by Forbes journalist Andrew Solender, predictably generated much outrage among the Trump critics on social media.

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Besides outrage over Trump’s continued ability to evade his Twitter ban through the circulation of his press releases, the folks on social media have little sympathy for his beatification of Ashli Babbitt.

Instead most people see her death as an inevitable result of her seditious behavior as she treid to enter the Capitol through a broken window.

With Trump taking sides with the insurrectionists, any claims he may make about his fealty to law and order and his support of the Thin Blue line” police officers are proven to be nothing more than the noxious hot air that regularly is expelled from his bodily orifices.

Put this man in prison where he belongs.

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