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Trump’s reinstatement fails to materialize and social media mocks MAGA tears

Trump’s reinstatement fails to materialize and social media mocks MAGA tears

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August 13th has come and gone and Joe Biden is still President of the United States.

While this may come as a surprise to the deluded supporters of Donald Trump — who actually believed a seriously deranged pillow-monger’s prediction that the twice-impeached loser of the 202o presidential contest would be somehow reinstated and reoccupy the White House despite no constitutional process to do so — the more sceptical denizens of social media haunts flaunted their “I told you so” taunts on Twitter this morning to rub a dose of reality into the faces of the MAGA fantasy land-dwellers.

Here’s a selection of the posts ridiculing the restoration dreams of the unreconstructed Trump fans who continue to deny the reality of the former president’s landslide loss and, by extension, to reject the very notion of democracy.

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Clearly whoever decided that a Friday the 13th would be a good day to predict that their ludicrous claims of Trump’s reinstatement would take place are simply the victims of bad luck…and bad brains.

It’s about time that Trump was prosecuted for his misdeeds and sent to prison so this abominable idea of bringing back the worst president in U.S. history is put to death once and for all.

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