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Donald Trump Jr. skewered for his latest hot take on the fall of Afghanistan

Donald Trump Jr. skewered for his latest hot take on the fall of Afghanistan

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With the unexpectedly rapid fall of the Afghanistan capital of Kabul, Republicans are falling over themselves to blame the Biden administration for what they see as a foreign policy failure, despite the fact that the withdrawal of American forces from the country was initiated by his predecessor Donald Trump.

Not unexpectedly, Donald Trump Jr. has taken a leading role in pushing revisionist history when it comes to assigning the responsibility for the collapse of the Afghanistan government which his father had excluded from the peace talks that then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held with the Taliban in Qatar last fall.

The eldest scion of the failed ex-president injected his amateur political commentary into the Twitterverse this morning with a post that unjustly blamed “Biden’s woke “intelligence” gurus” for being “WRONG” on just about everything that actually proved the failure of his father’s tenure in office.

What was truly “not surprising” was the vehemence with which the people in the comments section of his post responded to his ill-informed remarks.

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By this point, there are few people of any intelligence who bother to even pay attention to the Trump son whose antics have suggested to many that an intervention for chemical dependency might be in order.

Still, Don Jr.’s continued insistence in trying to make himself relevant by posting his rants on the issues of the day only serves to further destroy any political ambitions that he may have held for himself in the future.

Still, there are many Republican politicians espousing equally wrong-headed rhetoric, so perhaps the former president’s eldest son can still pursue a promising career in a dwindling party of racial grievances, selfishness, and oligarch privileges, if he manages to stay out of prison, that is.

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Original reporting by Travis Gettys at RawStory.

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