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Donald Trump’s claims of having left an Afghanistan exit plan loudly hooted down on social media

Donald Trump’s claims of having left an Afghanistan exit plan loudly hooted down on social media

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As Taliban forces are set to take over Afghanistan’s capital city Kabul any moment now after President Ashraf Ghani fled the country today, Donald Trump — the disgraced former American president who initiated the withdrawal of U.S. forces from the country that it has had a military presence in for the past 20 years — is busy trying to blame his successor for the collapse of the “forever war” whose fate he sealed with his failed effort to negotiate with the insurgent Islamic group.

Liz Harrington, the Trump spokeswoman who has become the primary conduit for the former guy’s social media pronouncements since his ban from Twitter and other platforms, posted a statement that included the ex-president’s accusatory comments about the Biden administration’s conduct of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the fractured foreign nation.

Trump references having left a detailed plan for the exit from Afghanistan, but many people blame the former guy’s own eagerness to fulfill his campaign promise to end American military excursions abroad for the current situation in the country after he placecd his trust in Taliban leaders to hold up their end of the negotiated withdrawal, going so far as to invite senior Taliban leaders to Camp David for negotiations, an unprecendented offer from a U.S. president.

Trump’s Monday morning quarterbacking now that he is out of power drew considerable pushback from social media observers, who threw his claims of having left a detailed plan for dealing with Afghanistan back in his face after noting that in his four years in office he never managed to come up with a plan for health care or infrastructure and also ignored the established pandemic response plans left to him by the Obama administration.

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Trump’s continued sniping form the sidelines violates an unspoken agreement that has had past former presidents refraining from commenting on foreign policy moves by their successors in order to provide a unified front to other nations and avoid giving “aid and comfort” to our nation’s enemies.

Besides using his press spokesperson as a workaround for his well-justified Twitter ban, Trump continues to do everything he can to undermine the Biden administration at every opportunity.

Twitter should suspend the account of those who simply retweet Trump’s press releases and help him evade his own inability to tweet directly.

Trump’s time would be better spent preparing his defense for the many lawsuits he is facing, suits that will hopefully send him off to prison where he can’t continue to actively destroy any chances of unity in our country.

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Original reporting by Tom Boggioni at RawStory.

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