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Lauren Boebert demolished by social media after tweeting about Biden’s “dereliction of duty”

Lauren Boebert demolished by social media after tweeting about Biden’s “dereliction of duty”

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As the twice-impeached former president, Donald Trump rains derision on the Biden administration for the chaotic finale of America’s long-running war in Afghanistan, his loyal acolytes in the Republican party are chiming in as well with their own snipes at the current president whose hands were tied by his predecessor’s negotiations with the Taliban.

One of the queens of right-wing extremism in Congress, gun-toting Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO), weighed in with a ludicrous Twitter post that criticized President Biden for spending the weekend at the presidential weekend retreat at Camp David instead of remaining at the White House to oversee the American withdrawal from the quagmire in Afghanistan.

Boebert’s critique inspired anger, outraged chortles, and accusation of rampant hypocrisy from social media respondents who commented on her post.

Many of the comments noted that the previous GOP occupant of the White House spent an enormous amount of time and money during his term jetting back and forth to his various golf resorts where the facilities for monitoring breaking events were not nearly as well established as the official government set up established at Camp David.

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Here’s a sampling of the blowback that Congresswoman Boebert’s post elicited.

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It seems like Congresswoman Boebert may want to reconsider her penchant for tweeting out ill-considered takes on the Biden administration’s conduct if she wants to avoid public humiliation on social media.

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Original reporting by Tom Boggioni at RawStory.

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