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Trump rants for Biden to “resign in disgrace” after fall of Kabul in scenes reminiscent of Jan. 6th

Trump rants for Biden to “resign in disgrace” after fall of Kabul in scenes reminiscent of Jan. 6th

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Hear that sound? That mixture of disgusted laughter, palms smacking foreheads, and snorts of incredulity?

That’s the sound generated by the reactions to Donald Trump’s latest press release calling for Joe Biden to “resign in disgrace” from the presidency after a presenting list of the current president’s supposed failures and reiterating his big lie that the Democratic leader was somehow elected illegitimately.

Suffice it to say that the disgraced predecessor to Joe Biden is dead wrong in all of his accusations towards the current adminsitration, having himself laid the groundwork for the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, invented the phony border crisis, further increased America’s dependence on fossil fuels by shunning investment in renewable energy, and devastated the economy with his failure to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

Naturally, social media was quick to point out the self-serving lies contained in the twice-impeached former president’s latest batch of propaganda, but rather than simply including the multiple social media responses repeating the points already made in the last paragraph, let’s take a look at the uncanny similarities between the Taliban takeover of the Afghani capital and the Trump-inspired insurrection on January 6th, which also dominated the posts on Twitter today.

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After the insurrection that Trump incited on January 6th and the disastrous results of his presidency — particularly his incompetant handling of the COVID pandemic — few Americans still care in the least about the former guy’s opinions about his sucessor’s cleanup of the hot mess he left behind.

Trump’s massive failures have disqualified him from being taken seriously when commenting on any aspect of the federal government.

It’s obvious that his divisive commentary is just more self-serving blather from someone whose mental capacity is seriously diminished from its already paltry state.

He should stick to a retirement full of golfing and defending himself from the multiple legal challenges that his misdeeds have left in their wake, and leave the governing to the adults.

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Original reporting by Travis Gettys at RawStory.

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