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Trump’s old tweets thrown back in his face as he amps up criticism of Biden’s Afghan withdrawal

Trump’s old tweets thrown back in his face as he amps up criticism of Biden’s Afghan withdrawal

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From the tenor of Donald Trump’s multiple press releases — his workaround for his social media ban —  the past couple of days, one would think that it was President Biden — and not Trump himself — who sealed the fate of the country that the United States has been waging war in for the past 20 years.

From the moment that the word of Kabul’s largely non-violent fall to the Taliban reached his ears, Trump has been doing everything he can to place the blame for the Islamic army’s victory squarely on the shoulders of his successor despite the fact that it was his own administration’s decision to negotiate directly with the Taliban without any involvement by the now-deposed Afghan government and to release of thousands of the group’s imprisoned soldiers in order achieve a temporary cease-fire that sealed the country’s fate.

After releasing two heavy-handed statements yesterday absolving himself of any responsibility for the current messy finale to the long-running conflict in Afghanistan by assigning all blame on the current administration, Trump was back at it again today, rewriting history to fit his own delusional assessment of his competence, a trait he never managed to exhibit during his tenure in office.

Violating every convention that has kept past ex-presidents from commenting on the foreign policy moves of their successors, Trump again tore into what he called the “incompetence” of the Biden administration in its conduct of the troop withdrawal, an ironic statement for the least competent president in history to be throwing around.

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Speaking of competency, Trump doesn’t even have the ability to sit down and write a coherent, well-composed position paper that he could release to present what he claims he would have done differently. Instead, he issues press releases that mimic his now-banished tweets in their brevity and lack of substance.

Hence his next release, comprising of two short sentences, a bitter cry of complaint without any accompanying solutions or alternative proposals.

Yes, it is an embarrassing military outcome, but one that could have been predicted from the moment the first U.S. military boot hit the ground in 2001, given the result of the disastrous Soviet incursion into Afghanistan in the 1980s.

Yes, it didn’t have to be that way, but the decision by Republican President George W. Bush to avenge his father’s humiliation in Iraq prevented a clean exit from the region and locked our nation in another “forever war” that is thankfully finally coming to a close.

Trump’s hypocrisy in trying to slam Biden for the results that his own policies in Afghanistan made a foregone conclusion was quickly noted by folks who compiled his old tweets on the subject that belied his current critiques.

It’s obvious that Trump is much more comfortable outside the White House sniping at those in power than he ever was actually wielding that power himself.

Still, there is a reason that other former presidents have held their tongues once they have left office when it comes to foreign policy moves.

Any lack of unity displayed on the global stage can and will be interpreted as a sign of weakness by America’s enemies.

Thus, Trump’s loud assault on Biden administration policies undermines the U.S. position and can be interpreted as a treasonous method of aiding our opponents.

Donald Trump should zip his lip and keep his lies to himself when it comes to foreign policy…or anything else for that matter.

The man belongs in prison where he can comment all he wants on the guards, the commissary, and the living conditions.

That’s all most of us want to hear from him at this point.

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