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Don Jr. accused of “openly supporting the Taliban” in shameful tweet

Don Jr. accused of “openly supporting the Taliban” in shameful tweet

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The rhetoric emanating from right-wing extremist Republicans since the fall of Kabul has been anything but coherent, veering from denouncing the Biden administration for bungling the evacuation of Afghan citizens who worked in close partnership with U.S. forces and now face mortal danger from the victorious Taliban to denouncing the idea that any of those collaborators in peril should be allowed to relocate to our shores.

The inconsistent GOP response, however, has at times edged narrowly close to outright gloating over the Taliban’s takeover of the country, not altogether unsurprising given the deference that the previous Trump administration inexplicably showed to the Islamic militants during their negotiations to end the American military presence in Afghanistan.

No one exemplified this trend better than the eldest son of the man who ordered the U.S. troop withdrawal, Donald Trump Jr.

The always combative Junior re-posted a tweet containing an excerpt from a Taliban press conference where a spokesman for the Islamic extremist group replied to a question about whether the new Afghan government would be allowing freedom of speech going forward with a finger-pointing condemnation of U.S. tech giants who censor the group’s posts on their platforms.

Don Jr.’s appended comment of “LOL…Also not wrong” earned him swift accusations of rooting for the opposing team in the current crisis from many of those who responded to his post.

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Don Jr. doesn’t seem to be making many new friends here in the U.S. with his hot takes on foreign policy and internet censorship, but it does look like he’s angling for the chance to break ground on Trump Tower Kabul at the earliest possible opportunity.

Hopefully, the only ground he’ll be breaking will be the rocks he’ll be smashing on a prison work gang if he’s ever held accountable for the Trump Organization financial chicanery that is being investigated by New York prosecutors.

In the meantime, one can only wonder why he hasn’t been banished from Twitter himself like his father before him.

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Original reporting by David Edwards at RawStory.

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