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Marjorie Taylor Greene issues deranged threat to Republicans who dare support bipartisanship

Marjorie Taylor Greene issues deranged threat to Republicans who dare support bipartisanship

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) Twitter suspension is now over and as expected she has jumped right back into spewing her lunatic right-wing talking points. She’s seemingly taking a break from spreading misinformation about COVID-19 and vaccinations and is instead committing herself to spreading lies about President Biden’s infrastructure bill.

Republicans like Greene are staunchly opposed to the proposed plan for some $1 trillion in much-needed infrastructure investment on purely partisan grounds. They despise the idea of handing Biden a victory of such magnitude and realize that if it passes it will serve as a major campaigning tool for Democrats in the midterm elections.

As they so often do, Greene and her fellow GOP naysayers are putting their own political interests over the needs of the American people. They’re willing to sacrifice the integrity of this nation’s bridges, roads, and power grids if it means they can retake Congress.

On Twitter yesterday, Greene shared a video of herself threatening to help primary any Republican who dares vote for the infrastructure bill in order to “hold them accountable.” The clip shows her throwing around the usual conservative talking points and raising the specter of “AOC and the radical communist squad, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and the rest of them.”

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It must be pointed out that none of the Congresswomen mentioned are communists and that the word “communism” has become utterly meaningless coming from conservatives like Greene who use the term to simply mean anything they don’t like. It’s also not a coincidence that radicals like Greene love attacking Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, and Tlaib. All three are women of color and attacks ofnthem serve as a dog whistle to the racists in the GOP base.

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Greene ended her clip by begging for viewers to donate to a PAC aimed at primarying RINOS (Republicans In Name Only), another phrase that has become meaningless as it has come to signify anyone who isn’t a MAGA fanatic. This woman is an utter disgrace to the U.S. Congress and if her constituents choose to reelect they are doing a disservice not just to themselves but to the entire country.

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