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Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham lambasted for calling on U.S. to betray Afghan refugees

Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham lambasted for calling on U.S. to betray Afghan refugees

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For better or worse, the United States is withdrawing from Afghanistan where it has been waging war against a deadly insurgency for two decades now. The Taliban has captured the capital city of Kabul and has declared the country an Islamic emirate under their governance. It’s too soon to tell if this iteration of the Taliban will be more moderate than the one that controlled the country prior to the U.S. invasion as some hope but the fate of the Afghan people, particularly the women, is at best uncertain.

There are valid criticisms to be leveled at the rushed and seemingly disorganized manner in which President Biden has conducted the U.S. withdrawal but it’s more important now to focus on the way forward. Tens of thousands of Afghans who worked with the United States as stalwart allies are now at risk of reprisal from the infamously brutal Taliban. Under any moral code, America now has a sacred obligation to offer them refuge in the States. It’s the very least we can do.

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Predictably, the usual xenophobes in the Republican Party are already screeching about the proposed resettlement of Afghan refugees. It was a GOP administration under George Bush that led us into Afghanistan in the first place but now that very same party refuses to take responsibility for the people directly affected by the invasion. It’s cowardice of the lowest form and it’s being spewed by the usual creeps.

Tucker Carlson, an immigration hawk who could be more accurately described as a white nationalist sympathizing cryptofascist, used his program to claim that offering safe harbor to these refugees to tantamount to being “invaded,” a disgusting claim with more than a little racial animus coursing through it.

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Laura Ingraham, a woman who is every bit as immoral and cruel as Tucker, shared similar thoughts on her show.

Much-deserved criticism has poured in on Twitter, but one must presume that millions of Fox News viewers are being swayed by these fearmongering segments.

Thankfully there are some government officials (unsurprisingly Democrats) who recognize the debt we owe these Afghan refugees. We must take them in.

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