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Matt Gaetz brutally slammed for urging that both Trump and the Taliban get reinstated on Twitter

Matt Gaetz brutally slammed for urging that both Trump and the Taliban get reinstated on Twitter

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It makes a lot of sense that Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is concerned about cancellation.

After all, since the allegations that Gaetz transported a minor across state lines for unlawful carnal knowledge surfaced, he has become a persona non grata among all but the most extremist of the right-wing GOP politicians, people like Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) — his equally deplorable partner in a series of recent MAGA-type rallies seeking to fleece gullible Trump supporters into donating to their reprehensible cause.

So it was not the least bit surprising that Rep. Gaetz posted a perplexing plea on Twitter insisting that the banned former failed president Donald Trump be reinstated to the social media platform posthaste despite his habit of posting copious misinformation both about the COVID pandemic and the validity of the last presidential election, a perfectly fair election that he lost in a landslide.

What was surprising, however, was the other group that he suggested that Twitter reinstate to their pages: the Taliban.

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One look at that post and your first reaction may be along the lines of: “Oh, Gaetz must have mistakenly typed ‘on Twitter’ when he really meant to put ‘in prison,'” but unfortunately the Florida Congressman is deadly serious about his social media prescription.

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His second sentence — in which he seriously questions the legitimacy of the U.S. election results as only someone who has crawled so far up the intestinal passageways of Donald Trump’s excretory system that they are permanently stuck there could —  betrays the blind subjugation of reason to some misguided notion of partisan politics in the Florida congressman’s misfiring neurons.

Naturally, the more reasonable folks who ran across his post on Twitter stood up to metaphorically hand Gaetz his own head on a platter after reading his drivel.

Congressman Gaetz obviously deserves every bit of derision that the commenters on Twitter piled upon him.

One can only hope that his rumored indictment on the accusations that have been leveled against him happens quickly so he can be expelled from Congress as expeditiously as possible and to limit the damage he can do until that time.

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