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Stephen Miller (of all people) shredded for accusing Biden of causing “immense human suffering”

Stephen Miller (of all people) shredded for accusing Biden of causing “immense human suffering”

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While President Biden’s decision to execute a speedy withdrawal of American armed forces from Afghanistan has proven a chaotic state of affairs well worth criticizing, it must be viewed through an objective rather than a partisan lens. Many Americans have agreed for some time now that the two-decade-long war needs to end, and Donald Trump planned to pull American troops from the region on an even faster timeline.

It’s fair to question how the Biden administration could have handled this move better but it’s foolish to take any of the Republican criticisms of his actions in good faith.  Most of them supported Trump’s push to yank our troops from the region and now they’re just looking to score cheap political plans. They care nothing about the plight of the Afghan people.

One individual whose attacks on Biden’s Afghanistan decision can be discarded outright is former Trump Senior Advisor Stephen Miller. His white nationalist tendencies are well known at this point, so the mere suggestion that he cares about the fate of nonwhite Afghan refugees or allies is absurd. He’s a skittering cockroach of a man, a spineless little fascist focused solely on accumulating power for himself and wielding it against those he perceives as less than himself.

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On Twitter today, Miller attacked Biden’s “policies on the border, on the pandemic, and on Afghanistan” and alleged that they “are causing immense human suffering.” Then the man who served the worst president in American history had the gall to accuse the White House of a “colossal failure of moral leadership.”

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The tweet was a textbook example of psychological projection. Miller is a grand architect of human suffering, having been one of the main proponents of the patently evil family separation policy that was instituted along the Mexican border during the Trump years. Miller proudly served a president who worsened the COVID-19 pandemic by downplaying its risks and spreading misinformation. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to discussing morality and his attempt to do so crystallizes the bad faith nature of the conservative barrage being leveled at President Biden.

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Twitter users were quick to dogpile the monstrous miller.

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