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Lindsey Graham suggests President Biden will be impeached over Afghanistan

Lindsey Graham suggests President Biden will be impeached over Afghanistan

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Do not for a second make the mistake of thinking the Republican attacks on President Joe Biden over his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan are being made in good faith. From Donald Trump Jr. to Senator Ted Cruz, the usual far-right creeps have come slithering out of their holes to act as if Biden has perpetrated the greatest crime against America in history.

It is, of course, perfectly fair to criticize the White House for the chaos currently unfolding in Kabul and a full postmortem of what went wrong and why will be necessary at some point, but conservatives don’t genuinely care about this issue. Right-wingers supported Donald Trump’s call to pull U.S. forces from the region and the former president himself previously criticized Biden for not withdrawing on a faster timeline. Withdrawal was always going to be a messy, tragic affair and Republicans are exploiting the fallout from a war they started for cheap partisan hits.

Some particularly unscrupulous GOP officials are going so far as to suggest that Biden should be impeached over the Afghanistan situation. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is using the crisis to renew her calls for removing the president from office and now Senator Lindsey Graham is voicing similar sentiments. Such suggestions represent a naked attempt to exact revenge for the right and just impeachments of Trump.

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During an appearance on Fox New Graham—who voted against convicting Donald Trump during his two impeachment trials—stated that Biden should be impeached for “dereliction of duty” if any Americans or Afghans who were allied to the United States are left behind. The idea is patently absurd.

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The Biden White House is doing its best to extract all Americans and allies from the region, but there are no perfect outcomes in war. The president made the decision that he believes was in the best interests of the United States and that’s what we elected him to do as commander in chief. You can disagree with it, but it was his prerogative to make such a call under the powers invested in him by the Constitution. To say that he should be impeached for exercising his rightful powers is to show how little you actually understand the Constitution.

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