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Stephen Miller taken to the Twitter woodshed for calling Biden a “walking national disaster”

Stephen Miller taken to the Twitter woodshed for calling Biden a “walking national disaster”

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For someone who served a central role in the worst presidential administration in American history, former Trump aide Stephen Miller sure has a lot to say about the Biden White House. One would think that the disastrous job he and his former boss did would discourage him from opening his mouth on political matters for the rest of his natural life but instead Miller wants to hold himself up as some kind of expert on governance.

Last week Miller, the mastermind behind the incredibly cruel family separation policy along the Mexican border, had the gall to accuse Biden of causing “immense human suffering” and a “colossal failure of moral leadership.” He slammed Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal, his handling of the pandemic, and his border policies. On all three fronts, Biden’s approach is vastly superior to Trump’s.

Trump wanted to withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan in an even hastier fashion, completely botched the coronavirus response by downplaying its risks and spreading misinformation, and unleashed brutality and codified racism along the border. There are certainly valid criticisms to be made of Biden’s policies—as is the case with every president—but there is no denying that his presidency represents an incalculable improvement over Donald Trump’s. And yet Miller continues to blithely tweet attacks on Biden.

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Today, Miller tweeted that there is a “long & growing list of crises in America.” He alleged that Biden has created an “open border,” which is patently untrue under any definition of the phrase. Miller also listed the delta variant, inflation, crime, an emboldened China, an Afghanistan nightmare, and “many more” problems as symptoms of the Biden presidency. The simple fact is that Donald Trump can be directly linked to every one of these things but of course Miller would never acknowledge that reality.

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“Biden either single-handedly created, or dramatically worsened, every one of these. He is a walking disaster,” Miller claimed, shamelessly whitewashing Trump’s legacy and his culpability for the current state of affairs in this country. Twitter users were quick to point out the hypocrisy and mendacity on display.

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