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Eric Prince is destroyed on social media after selling $6500 private evacuation flights from Afghanistan

Eric Prince is destroyed on social media after selling $6500 private evacuation flights from Afghanistan

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Most people see the chaotic withdrawal of American troops, private contractors, aid organization workers, and Afghan translators & facilitators as an unfortunate but hardly avoidable situation, given the circumstances surrounding the collapse of the Central Asian nation’s military forces and the flight of its former president from the country.

Hardcore Republican operatives, however, take a different perspective.

Some see the controversy around the evacuation — which has thus far managed to get nearly 60 thousand people airlifted out of the country without a single American casualty — as an opportunity to score political points against the Biden administration, even though the withdrawal was set in stone by his predecessor Donald Trump.

Even worse, though, are those GOP luminaries such as Erik Prince, who was the founder of the mercenary security company Blackwater and the brother of  Trump’s reviled Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Prince — whose secretive meeting in the Middle East right after the 2016 presidential election with the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates and Russian bankers raised the interest of those investigating the links between the Trump campaign and Russia — sees the evacuation efforts as a profit-making opportunity.

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As reports of private efforts to help more people escape the dangers of Taliban rule in Afghanistan begin to circulate, the details of Prince’s attempts to profiteer on the back of the crisis — by charging as much as $6500 per person to Afghans seeking to escape for seats on private charter flights out of the convulsive country (or more if they need transport from anywhere outside the perimeter of the Kabul airport) — are inspiring caustic pushback on Social media by commentators who are outraged by his greed.

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Prince and his Republican cohorts will milk the Afghanistan evacuation crisis for all that they can extort while blaming the Democrats, rather than George W. Bush and Dick Cheney who engineered the disastrous military intervention in the first place, or Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo who negotiated the surrender of the country to the Taliban to begin with.

There’s no denying that the Afghan withdrawal could have been better planned and executed, but the actions of Prince and his ilk simply add insult to injury and need to be loudly condemned.

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